Program Vendor SAWARI

What is PVS?

A program specially designed to explore and open the gate of opportunity for entrepreneur to market their product they developed into FELDA owned SAWARI outlet across Malaysia with opportunity to be developed and acknowledge as FELDA BEST product.

Who can participate?

PVS can be participate by entrepreneur which fulfill all the main criteria such as:

    1. Valid SSM registration (min 6 month)
    2. Valid bank account
    3. Own products
    4. Enthusiast entrepreneur

However, we will prioritize Entrepreneur from FELDA generations which will accommodate 70% of total product in SAWARI outlet and another 30% will be allocate for other entrepreneur.


Apakah Roadmap Program Vendor SAWARI?

  1. Memo Pengarah JPU FELDA
  2. Pencarian pengusaha
  3. Pengumpulan produk, quotation & profil syarikat
  4. Sesi uji rasa
  5. Maklum balas uji rasa
  6. Surat kelulusan
  7. Persetujuan pengusaha
  8. Pemasaran produk

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